Do you want "New" or "Newish"?

A “New” vintage stove refers to a stove that looks showroom new, with fully restored mechanics and aesthetics:  re-plated chrome, new paint, perfect or nearly perfect porcelain and controls.   

“Newish” covers most anything else:  from stoves receiving a few hours of service to undergoing major repairs.

Whichever you desire, options to acquire a vintage stove from Retro Stove & Gas Works range from purchasing one of our beautifully restored stoves to buying one of our stoves in "as-is" condition.  We can also pick up and restore a stove that you already own or are considering purchasing.  Or we can do it all, including locating and acquiring a stove, servicing it according to your specifications, then delivering and installing it.  Besides taking care of the significant moving task, you will also be assured that the stove we purchase will "pass muster" and will not have any major mechanical issues.

Whatever your budget, we will do everything we can to help you get a beautiful, practical, and fun vintage stove in your kitchen in the near future!


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