Vintage Stove Tune-up, Repair or Restore Service Levels

If your vintage stove hasn't been serviced for three or more years, a little TLC from Retro Stove & Gas Works will result in surprisingly improved performance, and ensures trouble-free operation over a long period of time. Besides diagnosing and fixing any problems you may be experiencing, we search for performance or safety issues you may not be aware of. We also delight in revealing fun and useful features that vintage stove owners may not have discovered.

Beyond basic service and repairs, you can choose to fully restore your stove's amazing beauty and functionality.

Depending on the condition of your stove and how much "polish" you'd like it to have, we offer the following four service levels.  To help you anticipate approximate costs, Contact us for the companion Pricing Guide. We can then talk about your particular stove in order to form a more precise estimate.

Model B cooktop-piping_square.jpg


For stoves that are mostly mechanically-sound, needing minor repair, tune-up or cleaning. We'll check out each system and component and make recommendations for additional service based on safety and function.

Chambers Model C Cooktop.jpg


We'll provide all of the services included in the SIMMER package, plus most repairs, and thorough cleaning.  At the high end, painting or powder-coating all interior components and non-cooking spaces. 

Model C pipiing (1).jpg


All the above, all repairs, plus re-enameled cooktop grates and pans, and some re-chromed components.  Polished components, gas lines and fittings on the higher end. 

Model B T-Well.jpg


All of the above, plus re-enameled cooktop burners, deepwell components and oven baffle, most or all chromed items refinished.  For “showroom new” appearance and function.


NOTE: To convert your "Match-Lite" oven to an automatically lighting oven, a constant pilot safety system can be installed with any level of service.