Why Buy a Vintage Gas Range?

McGuire Chambers A Imperial (1)_edit.jpg
  • The Performance.  There's no reason why a vintage stove can't perform as well or better than a modern stove.  A 9,000 BTU burner puts out the same heat on a vintage or modern stove. They might look way different, but stoves built from 1900 to today work in basically the same way.
  • The Features. Retro gas stoves were often built with convenient and fun features rare even in today's "high-end" ranges. Chambers stoves, for example, have a deep well burner - the original slow cooker! - plus a powerful stovetop broiler and griddle and childproof burner controls. 
  • The Sustainability. Vintage gas stoves are THE most carbon-friendly kitchen stoves available! When you buy an older range, you prevent the extraction and consumption of fuel and other resources. But that's not all - some retro stoves were designed to be ultra energy-efficient. Chambers brand kitchen stoves and select Maytags use "Retained Heat" cooking, which requires just a few minutes of cooking "with the gas turned on". With Retained Heat cooking, you'll save money and significantly reduce your household's carbon footprint.
  • The Repairability. Truly, vintage gas ranges represent the epitome of American quality and ingenuity. They were built during a time when "repair, don't replace" was the standard American credo. The high quality of materials, along with repairable parts, means that your tuned-up retro range will last for decades to come - far longer than a newly manufactured stove.
  • The Beauty. Retro stoves were designed to impress - much like cars of the same era. Today, they can be the crown jewel of practically any kitchen - strikingly beautiful throughout a wide spectrum of vintage, funky, and contemporary settings.